Foal Buying incentives are as follows.

Foal purchase on Payment Plan
We offer a payment plan on foals that are already in the ground. If you are interested in a payment plan we will be happy to set up payments based on the price of the foal hat you are interested in. All payments are due in full by the foals 4 month birthdate. If you are paying on  foal their will be no refund of money paid into that foal. you will assume financial responsibility of that foals vetting and farrier needs from the date of first payment forward. Foal will be released into your possession after the balance has been paid but no sooner hen 4months of age.

Foal Hold on Deposit:
This is our most popular Foal buying plan. Brittenham Farms will hold the foal of your choice for a 20% of purchase price deposit. This is a non refundable deposit that insures that we will not sell the foal of your choice to anyone else until you can pick it up at weaning. The balance of the purchase price is due at pic up and the foal will be released to you at that time but no sooner then its 4month bday. If the foal becomes injured or sick and is unfit or unhealthy to sell we will transfer your deposit to another foal that year or offer to hold it on a foal for the following year. During the time between deposit paid and weaning on this plan Brittenham Farms will remain responsible for the vet and farrier care of the foal. This is our least risky purchase plan.

If any of the above does not appeal to you then please feel free to come brose the foals after weaning and pay and pick up. How ever the most effective way to get the better selection is one of the above options. Sires of the foals as well as dams are all listed on this website so that you can see whats avail.
Hopefully this will answer some questions. If you have other questions concerns or just want to discuss what we have avail please call email or message us on facebook! Looking forward to seeing you all come foaling time!





Foals For Sale are listed here. Brittenham Farms will list Available foals Feb 1st of each year. If you do not see the foal of the broodmare you were interested in that means we are not going to sell at this time or that it has been sold.